You’re not failing; You’re Learning.

Have you ever felt like you were failing in life? Maybe failing as a wife, husband, friend, parent, or failing in your career. I have!!! I remember talking to my grandfather, mentor, and Pastor, Dr. Oscar J. Dowdell-Underwood on the phone about what I was facing in my life at that time. I told my grandfather, I felt like I was failing as a mother, a wife, and as a teacher. He responded ” You’re not failing as a wife; you’re learning as a wife. You’re not failing as mother; you’re learning as a mother. You’re not failing as a teacher; you’re learning as a teacher. It was at that moment where my grandfather’s words challenged me to look at my circumstances differently and view them through the lens of CHRIST. Therefore, I didn’t feel nor did, I see myself as a failure anymore. My grandfather caused me to challenge every limitation and lie that I placed on myself.

Whatever you’re feeling or going through, I want to encourage you today with the words of my grandfather, “You’re not failing, you’re learning.” I want to challenge your perspective concerning how you see the problems and circumstances that you’re facing in your life right now. It’s time to stop perceiving your mistakes or the things that you feel like you’re doing wrong as failure but use them as opportunities to learn something that you never knew.

Beloved, child of GOD, it’s time to ask GOD for the Grace to eliminate the thoughts of being a failure. Philippians 4:13 says, ” I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthen me.” The Bible also says, “We are more than conquerors.” Therefore, Christ lives in you and His strength makes you more than a conqueror. There’s nothing in life that can stop you or cause you to fail. Failure is not a final destination when CHRIST’S, Holy Ghost power dwells in you.

So, when you feel like you’ve missed the mark, don’t immediately see yourself as a failure, but look for opportunities to grow and learn. My grandfather taught me that you grow into the person that GOD created you to be, and you can only grow to the degree of knowledge and revelation you receive. You can’t become nor can you make the impact that GOD desires for you to make, if you are holding on to a dead weight, such as failure. GOD allows failure to promote us, not to destroy us.

I pray that this blog encouraged and empowered you to keep pushing in life. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. Below you can find tips on how to overcome failure that helped me.

Tips for overcoming failure.

1. Praying

2. Reading Scriptures about overcoming failure

3. Confessing positive affirmations

4. Finding a mentor

5. Journaling

a. You can purchase a copy of my prayer journal “I Decree and Declare Over My Life” to help you with overcoming failure.